Here at Lake Cabinet & Flooring we do it all! We provide the entire operation of counter replacement. We

also offer the best overall value because we measure, fabricate, install and hook up your new solid surface or

laminate top if you'd like. (no need to out source any part of the job) We have tops of granite, marble, &

quartz.   We also offer you the option of several unique edge treatments including rolled, beveled and wood

edges. Here at Lake Cabinet we fabricate our tops right in our work shop. That means unlike some other

smaller shops and the big home centers we do the entire job start to finish. We feel this is a distinct advantage

to the customer and end user. This gives us the opportunity to control the entire process from the sale, the

measurement or template, the fabrication, finishing, installation and all the associated plumbing hook up if

desired. This is our preferred way of business.

Quartz Counter Tops

Quartz tops offer beautiful tops of man made stone unequaled in durability with styles and looks such as marble, solid and bright colors that are hard to find in natural stone.   They are non-porous and easy to care for and do not require a sealer.   They are made from slabs or sheets of man made quartz with a resin filler. Because quartz is man made it can offer the color and grain consistency that stone does not. Many in the counter top world feel that quartz tops are the cream of the crop. More color consistent than granite. Less porous than granite. Hard to scratch and stain. Like granite, a good choice if a hi-gloss finish is desired. Does carry a warranty advantage over stone.


Granite and Natural Stone Tops

Aesthetics, Aesthetics, Aesthetics ! An un-equalled natural beauty. Many people feel that Granite and Marble tops have the looks and prestige. Stone is very appealing to most designers and home owners. Stone tops give one the feel of the "real deal". Granite is natural, hard, scratch and stain resident. Granite tops are made from slabs of natural stone which come from all over the world. Your color choices are near endless. Hard surface, naturally durable, scratch and heat resistant. Long lasting. Sinks can be easily under-mounted. Like quartz a better choice for dark colored tops.   Granite tops today are in most cases your best value, especial if you select a common color.


Solid Surface Tops

What makes solid surface special is not that it's indestructible but that it is very workable and renewable surface with tight inconspicuous seams. We offer a large selection of edge profiles and design options. With minor care Solid Surface tops will last a lifetime. Solid surface is consistent in colouration. When you compare it to granite, solid surface delivers a much more "true to sample" product. Because it is man made the colours and particulates can be controlled by the manufacture, thus assuring you will get what you picked. When it comes to seams solid surface sheets are actually fused together with a chemical fusser the bonds the sheets together. (Similar to model glue "melts" two pieces of plastic together). This results in a nice tight seam that will be hard to see, remain closed, resist moisture, and not collect dirt in the future. This process also allows us, the fabricator, to strategically place the seams and allows almost endless uses and applications for solid surface. This also means that if you purchase a solid surface sink, the sink is also "fused" into the counter top form the underside so there is no seam, lip or edge to clean. Solid Surface tops are non-porous. They resist stains extremely well. They meet FDA standards for food contact and fungal and bacterial resistance. Solid surface is more heat resistant than plastic laminate tops and minor heat damage is generally removed by the home-owner. Although we feel that they are not as important with solid surface attached coved back-splashes are also an option. These tops do not require any sealer or top coats. We can fabricate solid surface in Hi-Gloss, Satin and Matte finishes. The Matte finish which is the most popular, especially for the kitchen, is easier to maintain by the home-owner.

Custom Laminate Tops

Plastic laminate tops have a average lifespan of 10 years. Laminate tops are constructed by applying a high pressure plastic laminate to a particle board sub-straight. Most laminate tops fit into one of the two of the categories below. Generally speaking laminate tops are inexpensive when compared to other types tops. They resist stains fairly well. One of their weaker points is that plastic laminate tops are not renewable. They "bubble up" when exposed to extreme heat. If they are cut, scratched our burned they are for most intensive purposes shot and can not easily be repaired to most people satisfaction. Also because they are a product of wood they don't resist water like the upper end tops and are not recommended for under mounted bowl applications. In most cases people believe that laminate tops don't carry the warmth or prestige of the "upper-end" counter tops.