Ceramic Tile is elegant, formal, durable and full of prestige. Glazed Ceramic tile, porcelains and polished sealed stones are very stain resident and easy to clean. Many consider ceramic tiles as the best overall floor available and it is very commonly used in most foyers, utility rooms, kitchens and baths. Its lasts a lifetime in most cases. Ceramic's hard surface is wear, scratch and dent resistant. A good ceramic tile can take years and years of high traffic. It also is the most water resident of the normal floors in a home and will add resale value to your property.   We also sell and install many types of back-splash tiles.


Be it solid or engineered wood many people believe that nothing beats the warmth and beauty of real wood flooring. It's warm comfortable appearance appeals to all. Wood flooring is easy to clean and fairly warm on the feet. Wood is generally dent resistant. Wood floors, along with ceramic are one of the floors that adds a lot to the resale value of a home. Most wood floors come with a good manufacturers warranty and can be sanded and refinished in their later years if necessary.


Luxury vinyl tiles are the fastest growing part of the flooring business.  They are more durable than most sheet goods. Most are very easy to clean and are scratch and dent resident. Upper end vinyl tiles are great alternatives to woods and stones. Also installation costs are normally lower than other products. We challenge you come look at some of the new wood looks in luxury vinyl. So good you most likely can not see the difference. So if you want a wood look but have an active lifestyle and don't want to worry about scratching this could be the product for you. Or if you want the look of Tile or Stone but not the coldness or hardness on your feet take a look at our high end vinyl tiles. They can even be grouted in for a look that is almost indistinguishable from natural tile or stone.


Good laminate floors resist scratching cutting, and denting, take a lifetime of wear and do not stain. They are great for remodel applications because they are normally about 1/4' thick and can go over almost any existing floor (other than carpet) with little or no floor prep. Also because it uses a free floating installation it doesn't separate as some plank wood flooring does. The wood looks offer a great alternative for customers that are worried about the scratching, wear or denting of real wood. Great for active families... again, as we like to say "rocks in shoes, big dogs, and kids fire trucks". In the tile look laminate can eliminate the concern of grout staining & cleaning. Laminates are also warmer and softer on the feet and legs for those that are on their feet all day, or may be more sensitive to hard ceramic or stone flooring. Laminate floors are perfect candidates for many rooms in the house including kitchens, play rooms, hall ways and bedrooms.


There is no doubt that carpet offers homeowners more warmth, softness and is much quieter than any other floor covering. Today's carpet styles, colors and textures blend well with any room decor as well with a variety of other flooring products. From casual to formal you can always find a carpet style that will enrich any interior setting and your lifestyle. There are carpets for all areas of the home including active areas where fashion and function are both important in your selections. Carpet manufacturers today offer consumers a wider selection of patterns, textures and colors than ever before. Advancements in fiber technology and carpet construction are making carpets softer, more stain-resistant and are helping carpets retain their like-new appearance far better than ever before.


Vinyl floors offer a nice alternative to tile and wood floors many today have advanced printing techniques that make them very realistic in appearance. Vinyl is warmer underfoot than tile and stone and also more economical. Unlike vinyl tiles sheet good has less or no seams. Vinyl sheeting is more water resident than laminates and woods.